Goverment Guideline for in-home Childcare


In-home childcare is now permitted for ALL families – provided no one in the family nor the childcarer has any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

At Quantock Babysitting we want to ensure that all  families and Babysitters are safe and healthy and help fight the spread of the virus, so if you or anyone in your household develops coronavirus symptoms (however mild), you should not arrange a booking or accept a booking and you should immediately cancel any bookings you have, please note that short notice cancellation fees are not applicable at this time.

Precautions advised to minimise risk during a booking:

  • All adults should maintain social distancing (2m) where possible
  • Regularly wash hands, especially on arrival
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, bin tissues immediately and wash your hands afterwards
  • Clean regularly touched objects and surfaces (door handles, kitchen items and toys).
  • Keep internal doors open where possible to minimise contact
  • Maintain good ventilation (keep windows open where it is safe to do so)

Please contact the parent or childcarer prior to your booking to discuss requirements and expectations.